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What is 918kiss?

918kiss, founded by a few enthusiastic Malaysian youngsters, is a renowned online casino app. It is also known as SCR888 before the owner decided to rebrand the slot games app and renamed it to 918kiss.

918kiss apk has been so popular in Asia especially in Malaysia, Singapore, Brunei and Thailand. It is one of the most popular slot games apps among online casino players and those who like to gamble online. The games offered in 918kiss are mainly slot games Malaysia, card games and arcade games.

Difference between 918kiss & SCR888

The trend of online gaming / online gambling has gained its popularity over the years. Players are no longer restricted to land-based casinos. We can now bet online on online casino, online agents, and gaming apps. If you are familiar with online casino gaming apps, then you must have heard about SCR888 too.

So what are the differences between 918kiss and SCR888?

918kiss is actually the new face of SCR888! It was known as SCR888 before the owner decided to rebrand the slot games app and renamed it to 918kiss. The SCR888 has been revamp with new developments and a fresh interface where it has given a huge lift in overall gaming experience.

918kiss APK


918kiss Apk Download

918kiss app is an app on mobile platform, players need to download the 918kiss apk in order to access and start playing. Unlike those flash casino games that allow in-browser playing, 918kiss Malaysia requires players to install the apk on mobile devices.

There are few ways where players can get the 918kiss apk download.

1. Download from Third party websites

There are a lot of 3rd party websites that provide the 918kiss apk downloads for android and IOS. However, you need to be careful before downloading these 918kiss apk as you wouldn’t want to ruin your mobile devices. Some 918kiss apk available on the internet might contain viruses or are not the real 918kiss app.

2. Download from Online Casino

Other than downloading the 918kiss apk from a standalone website, players can also download 918kiss app from online casino Malaysia. Some Malaysia Online Casinos integrated 918kiss into their casino and players can download 918kiss apk from there.

Not all online casinos in Malaysia integrate 918kiss app at their website, but it is better for players to play/download from online casinos if you are not sure of the reliable source to download 918kiss apk. Occasionally, some online casinos in Malaysia provide extra casino bonuses to reward the players if you play 918kiss through their website.


Register 918kiss App Account

Question: There is only a Login Function available in 918kiss App. How do I register a 918kiss account?

There is no direct registration available at 918kiss APK. You would probably wonder where you should get the username and password.

In order for players to login to 918kiss APK, you need to obtain your 918kiss account’s logins from Online Agents. 918kiss Online Agents are mostly online casino Malaysia. They collaborate with some of the Malaysia Online Casino.

Through registering at the Online Casino, you will get assigned with dedicated 918kiss logins to start playing. For the first time login, you get to change and reset the password.


918kiss Apk Review

i) Fast Mobile Downloading Speed

918kiss has developed a strong backend team (engineers & technicians) in order to support the slot game application continuously and ensure the best gaming experience. Thus, players will experience frequent updates of the 918kiss Apk.

ii) New Slot Games in 918kiss App

Online gaming sectors experience fast changing in its environment and it’s all about innovation if you want to stand out from the competitors. In this part, 918kiss has kept it up with the market by consistently introducing new slot games to the players. While new games are being introduced in the 918kiss app, older slot games are also being tweaked and upgraded with new interesting features.