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Payment Methods Available in Online Casino Singapore

Undoubtedly there are a great deal of online casinos overseas that allow Singaporean to access and play in their casino online platform but most of them are not even concerned to offer suitable deposit and withdrawal options that match the needs of Singaporean. Some popular payment methods available in online casino Singapore are:

  • Payment Gateway / E-wallet
  • Online Bank Transfer
  • ATM Cash Deposit

Top E-wallet Casino for Singapore/Malaysia Players

One of the very popular payment methods for online casino Singapore is through casino E-wallet or Payment Gateway. By using this method, it serves like an e-wallet to casino players which authorizes credit card or direct payments processing to the Online Casino.

An important concern when choosing a payment gateway is that you need to ensure the payment gateway or ewallet casino is legit and secure. The most common payment gateway used by digital/ewallet casinos in Singapore are iPay4u and FastPay2. While payment gateway for Malaysia online casinos is mostly TruePay.

Singaporean players are suggested to play with casinos that provide these two payment gateway.

Recommended E-wallets Casino Singapore

Payment gateway:

  •  TruePay, FastPay2, PayNow
  •  Bank Transfer
  •  Crypto

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Payment gateway:

  •  TruePay
  •  Online Banking & ATM
  •  Crypto

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Payment gateway:

  •  TruePay, EeziePay
  •  Touch N GO QR
  •  Duitnow QR
  •  Online Banking & ATM

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In, we had only picked those online gambling websites that provide friendly banking options in the market to Singaporean, and all of these online casinos Singapore accepts more likely the similar payment gateways that are known globally. You can check through with the list below to enhance your understanding about the best payment method available in the market.


Payment Gateway or E-wallet

Choose your payment gateway and preferred bank, the online casino will lead you to a direct payment page where players can just provide information needed. Online casinos will receive your payment instantly. Just like how you normally do online shopping!

This deposit method or E-wallets casinos allow players to make quick and easy casino payments without sharing any personal data with the operator. You are assured to be able to play safe while securing your personal details. Enjoy your online slots games or any live casino Singapore games with the faster deposits and withdrawal process using the Casino E-wallet!

In recent years, more and more players from Malaysia and Singapore are more preferred to play at an ewallet casino.


Online Bank Transfer at Online Casino

The most common way of making payment online is definitely through online bank transfer. Thus, most of the casinos online in Singapore offer “Online Bank Transfer” as the first option to ease the players in the deposit process.

What players have to do is just choose your preferred bank for deposit, and the latest casino account details will be shown for that particular bank. You can then transfer money from your bank account to your casino e-wallet by depositing it to the casino account. After transferring the money, provide the reference number to speed up the deposit process.

The Singapore online casino would provide a few bank accounts from different Singapore local banks for deposit. For example, Verified Casino Singapore – UWin33 is using POSB Bank while Enjoy11 is using DBS Bank for deposit.

**Important Note: Online Casinos often change and update their account details. Players have to check and double confirm on the account details every time before doing any online transfer.


ATM Cash Deposit

Other than depositing through online, Singapore players can also choose to deposit offline, through ATM Cash Deposit payment method. The deposit process of using an ATM is almost similar to online bank transfer. You would need to choose your preferred bank and get the casino bank details from the online casino deposit page. The only difference now is that for ATM Cash Deposit, you would need to go to the nearest ATM available and do a cash deposit, transferring money to the casino account.

You would then need to provide a reference number of the transaction as well at the deposit page. You can also capture the receipt of cash deposit and upload to the casino deposit system in order to speed up the process. As compared to Online Bank Transfer and Payment Gateway, ATM Cash Deposit would take a longer time and more effort. Thus, we would recommend users to go for Payment Method 1 and Payment Method 2.