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What is SCR888?

SCR888 is one of the most popular and mainstream online casino games in Malaysia. The good reputation of SCR888 has made us gain several hundred thousands of players and fans just in Malaysia. This application always make sure that you will only get the best and most updated games to play online.

In SCR888, there are live games, table games and the most easy and simple slot games. Play the gambling games inside with strategies to help yourself to increase the chances of winning. We guarantee that once you find the right formula to play the games, everyone can win big with SCR 888!

All winnings count regardless of what kind of strategies that you are using, we will accept it unconditionally, just win as much as you can! No worries if it is still not your turn to win, because our online games designed in such as way that it will keep on changing so that every players get the chance to win. Always stay alert to make sure you grab the chance to win, don’t miss it!

We can assure that SCR888 is the only online gaming platform that provides the best experience for our customers who cannot manage to go to the casino in Genting Highlands for gambling. SCR888 will be the best alternative for being in real casino. A little bonus for our loyal customers, we do have some arcade games that can let you win in a more easy and enjoyable way!

Where to download SCR888?

Interested to the games in SCR888? Go to our official Malaysia SCR888 download page now to download the latest version of this application.

Our official download page provides you the safest and virus free application, now all players can enjoy the free online gambling games in SCR888 without worries or afraid of being attacked by virus. Downloading games from insecure download page might put your devices into danger, the online game itself might also have virus that can cause heavy damages to your devices.

Therefore, we advised our loyal customers to download the online gambling games from our secure webpage, we will give our best effort to keep your account and also the money inside the account safe and prevent hackers from hacking your account and steal your winnings inside the account that you have been using. After the application installation is complete, you can start to sign up a new account for yourself, login and start your favourite games to win.

How to register for SCR888?

After downloading SCR888 to your mobile or other devices that you are using, contact our professional game agents to ask for your new account username and password for your new account registration.

The Whatsapp, WeChat or Telegram of our game agents are provided in the official download page, you can directly message our game agents by clicking the Whatsapp icon on the download page. Wait for our game agents to process your game account application for few minutes and our game agents will pass you all the details required for the account registration.

If there is anything that you are not sure, you can message our game agents for double confirmation, our professional game agents will do their best to answer all your questions and make sure you complete your new account registration. You can proceed to log in to your new account after your new account is being registered.

The good news is that, there is no registration fees required and the money you load into your game account is only for games playing purpose, no credits will be deducted without your approval.

How to login to SCR888?

Launch the application that you had successfully downloaded, start to log in to your game account for the first time by key in your username and password that has been given by our customer support or you can check it inside your account profile, then click the login button.

We highly recommend our dearest game players to change your password straight away after you log in for security reasons. Your username and password will be the important key to prove your identity, that is why we want you to keep your username and password as the top secret and never share it with others.

A stolen password could then easily give hackers access to your personal information and steal the winnings in your game account. You can protect your account by creating a password that is difficult for others to figure out, it requires the creation of unlikely letter and number combinations. After changing your password, you can start to play your favourite online games and earn from this platform now!

How to withdraw for SCR888?

You can withdraw the balance from your game account by contacting our game agents via Whatsapp, WeChat or Telegram. After verifying your profile to our professional game agents, they will help you to process your money withdrawal request. It will only take a few minutes to process your withdrawal request, after your request is being approved, our game agent will contact you and ask for your bank account details.

No worries, we cover all the banks in Malaysia, our game agents will help to transfer the amount that you have requested from your game account to bank account. You will then receive a message shows that the amount has been successfully transferred to your account or you may go to your online banking webpage to check the money. You may also check your previous transaction in our withdrawal record page. Every of your withdrawal records including dates and amount are clearly show on the page.

If you have any problems, please contact our game agents immediately.

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