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What is NewTown Casino (NTC33)?

NewTown NTC33 casino is an online casino platform which aimed to provide our players the feel of like being inside a new town. A fresh start every game encourages you to play your cards and slot pulls right. By playing the games that you love and getting yourself into the groove in playing this brand new casino allows you to win plenty of prizes in cash.

In NewTown, we provides you variety games including themed slot games, progressive slot games, table games and card games. NewTown casino will be the fastest way to help you to grow your money and gain wealth. This secure and safe application makes it easy for all our players to play wherever and whenever they want with all these great bonuses, it is extremely hard for someone to lose! Act fast!

Install the game now, experience the high chance of winning and further explore this powerful game yourself.

Where to download NTC33?

To secure yourselves, you are encouraged to download the latest version of NewTown from our official download page in order to prevent virus or malware from infecting your devices, and keep your device safe. Please do believe that customers’ rights and interests are always our main concerns, we care about you. Please be reminded, always allow the installation of applications from external sources on your mobile device when installing the NewTown Casino app so that the application can be installed successfully.

How to register for NTC33?

Register a new account for yourself now to start winning. To register for NTC33, you can contact our game agents through Whatsapp, WeChat or Telegram for any assistance. Our game agent will give their best shot to serve our customers in order to provide our customers better experience. It will only take you a few minutes to get your account registration done and load the money for game after log in to your new account that you had just registered.

How to login to NTC33?

Your password is the most important way to prove your identity when logging in to your NTC33 account. So, ensure you use strong passwords to prevent attackers from cracking or guessing your account password easily, and always keep your username and password private, do not disclose them to anyone else.

When go to the login page, key in your username and password that were provided by our game agents accordingly. Once you had successfully log in to your account, change your password instantly to ensure you have full access and control to your account.

How to withdraw on NTC33 Newtown Casino?

Win many jackpots from NewTown and wanted to withdraw the money? Here are the instructions to guide you in withdrawing jackpots from your NTC33 account.

First, you are required to contact our game agents through Whatsapp, WeChat or Telegram, and tell them your withdrawal request. Second, provide your online bank account to our game agents. Lastly, wait for the money to be transferred and check the amount transferred to your bank account.

Our agents are trained diligently to be able to assist you with any amount or special request to top up and they will also handle your withdrawals as well to ensure you have your credits reload transition be carried out effortlessly.

Good luck and enjoy your gambling experience in New Town Casino, we wish to provide all our customers a quality and worry-free gaming platform. Dear customers, if you wanted to check your transaction history of your NTC33 account, please proceed to the withdrawal record page, every transactions are being recorded in details and stored for your reference.

Every one of the transactions are secure, private and confidential, customers’ privacy is always our main concern. If you have any problems based on your transactions, you can directly contact our game agents or check the withdraw record page. If there are any issues, please contact our game agents directly. Have fun!

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