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LPE88 Lucky Palace Apk Android & Pc Download



What is LPE88 Lucky Palace?

LPE88 is the perfect spot and best possible gambling platform for all the poker kings and any player who seek for immediate wealth to be at. Lucky Palace is the right place for you to show off your skills if you think you have got what it takes to win a big pool of money from all of the games we have provided here.

Slot games, table games, card games or whatever you name it and we will have it available here! We will only select the best and well-developed games for LPE88 platform and application.

This is what made our games interesting and it will be a great deal for players to select your favorite game.

While sharpening skill needed to master it with strategies and technique, that can make you bring back a fortune worthy of a true kings.

All you need to start playing our game are a mobile device. Now you will be able to win a handsome amount of cash anywhere and anytime to your convenience by just downloading our Lucky Palace Casino App in the apps stores! LPE88 will soon be the best online casino platform for all the casual gamblers out there living in Malaysia.

Where to download LPE88 ?

The new and latest version of Lucky Palace are available for downloads for all the smart phone user with Android or iOS operating phones.

LPE88 apps for both Playstore and Applestore and can be found in our download page.

Ensure the Secure download site

It is a guaranteed safe and secure app files for your phones. Our customer can rest assured about the legibility of the apps if the download are made through the link provided by our website only. Do not download any files stated in any third-party website or external links that offers you to download our games. If you have downloaded the game through our page, you will now be able to safely bring a casino along with you anywhere you go.

After downloading the apps from one of the app stores, please make sure you have proceeded to enable the full installation of the application onto your smartphone device.

“If you are prompted to approve the installation of external application such as the one needed like our app, we will need your approval on the authorization process for it to enables the full installation of the Lucky Palace Casino application to your device” After you have completed the whole process above, you will now be able to start gambling immediately!

How to register for LPE88 ?

To register an account in our platform, you will need to contact our game agents via WHATSAPPWECHAT or TELEGRAM for any further assistance in creating your very own Lucky Palace Casino account and also apply for our membership. Do not register any account for LPE88 through external links or platform as it is not verified by our company and it will most probably be a scamming scheme to cheat every individual of their credited money into their own account.

There will be no any extra additional charges on processing fee or hidden cost for creating an account

If you have encountered any suspicious of messages requested for extra money for registration, please let us know immediately through our 24 hours live chat. In order for us to take necessary action as soon as possible.

The account will be free for life to our members so that everyone can enjoy the privilege of playing casino games online that is within your control.

How to login to LPE88 ?

After you have successfully registered an account through our agent, please do turn on the application you have previously downloaded and installed in your phone. You will need to log in with the username and password provided to you by the same game agent after you have registered your account with them. If you have not received any ID or password from them, remember to contact them immediately to track back the data that you have missed out.

On your very first log in, we advise all of our customers to change the password your received from our game agents to your own personal password for security and safety

Remember to change the password to something you can easily remember with a certain degree of difficult for hackers to hack into your account.

You need to be confident that your new password will be secure enough for you to maintain your gambling account. Once you have logged in your account, you may go to your main wallet to make deposit. Then, you can start to play in every game you desired.

How can I withdraw my winnings from LPE88 ?

Our customers can withdraw your winnings from Lucky Place platform whenever you win a big sum of prize money and you feel that you needed to withdraw the money into your own personal banking account. You can first contact our game agents and support services via phone chats that is available 24/7. Contact any one of our gaming agents and they will help you follow up with the withdrawals from your account’s credits and it will get transferred via online banking into your preferred banking account.

LPE88 have a wide coverage of transaction services over all the banks that are available in Malaysia and especially those that are active with online transaction services

All our customer service representatives are all well trained to serve you

Contact our 24 hours customer service via Livechat

Please do not hesitate to make contact with our game agents again if you are unsure about the transaction of your money into your bank account. Do not try to contact any other agents other than the one through our webpage as they might try to scam our customer into oblivion and ended up losing their prize money to the unknown person.

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